Denmark produces one third of its electricity from wind

Denmark is well on its way to achieving its goal of 50 percent wind power by 2020. In 2013, the Danes generated an impressive 33.8 percent of their electricity through wind, a share most other countries are eyeing with envy. According to the Earth Policy Institute, the country’s grid¬†can accommodate ample amounts of wind power, with wind generated electricity already exceeding 100 percent of demand on one evening last November.

Portugal has a wind share of electricity generation of 24.6 percent, placing it second while neighboring Spain rounds off the top three with 20.9 percent. Ireland’s wind share peaked at an impressive 59 percent in September 2013. The country’s standard share of electricity generation through wind for the year stood at 17.3 percent. Germany has been making massive strides in its drive to ditch nuclear energy and¬†embrace renewables. In 2013, Germany had a wind share of electricity generation of 7.9 percent.

This chart shows the wind share of electricity generation in leading countries in 2013.