Devico Launches Its New DeviCore BBT

Trondheim, November 26th, 2013 – Continuously seeking ways to improve the performance of its directional core drilling and borehole surveying systems, Devico has just launched a brand new core orientation tool, the DeviCore BBT. Combining Brilliant BlueMC wireless technology with other proprietary innovative features from Devico, the DeviCore BBT also integrates the DeviDip system probe technology which has proven to be an industry leader in their DeviDrill system for more than 10 years.

The rock core is orientated at the surface when the two arrows are aligned.

The tool and core barrel extension system can be quickly assembled on the drilling equipment on site. The DeviCore BBT probes are equipped with a valve system in front to prevent any slowdown of the pump-in time.

The DeviCore BBT measures inclination, orientation, gravity vector and temperature, while monitoring battery status. It uses three high-accuracy accelerometers and comes equipped with a Nomad PDA system and the DeviSoft Mobile software. Using Brilliant BlueMC technology for wireless connectivity, the results are downloaded from one probe to the PDA, while the other probe is gathering additional data down in the hole.

Designed to provide quality results, the DeviCore BBT is effective in a broad range of ground types and core breaks and can be used in up or down boreholes, as well as in horizontal boreholes. With two DeviCore BBT probes in each kit, the system operates without having to interrupt the drilling process to switch probes. In addition, the DeviCore BBT is covered by Devico’s unsurpassed warranty, offering 24 months of coverage on the equipment and committing to a maximum repair cost of €3000 with any type of major repairs, as long as the survey instrument is submitted for proof of damage.

With its innovative technology and outstanding features, the DeviCore BBT will undoubtedly become a key part of Devico’s product line and an obvious choice for mining companies seeking to increase the cost-efficiency of their exploration campaigns.
If you would like to try the new DeviCore BBT, please call your nearest Devico agent today or [email protected]

For more information: Ben L’Heureux, [email protected]

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