International Women on Boards webinar series for mining industry

TORONTO (May. 14, 2015) Founding sponsor, PearTree Securities Inc., is pleased to announce the international launch this month of the Women on Boards Webinar Series developed and run by the non-profit International Women in Mining (WIM) Community (

The webinar series is part of International WIM Community’s Women on Boards Project, which seeks to provide an internationally accessible platform for director education to improve opportunities for board representation by qualified female candidates.

Barbara Dischinger, Founder and Director of International WIM Community, comments, “In a sector lagging behind most others with respect to gender diversity, the Women on Boards Project will round out the skill sets of women with technical expertise but no governance experience.”

Lisa Davis, CEO of Toronto-based PearTree Securities Inc. ­ founding sponsor of the webinar series ­ and member of the board of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), says, “I’ve heard many complaints that there aren’t enough women in the resource sector to populate vacant board positions of mining companies.”

“While women are generally under-represented in the industry,” she adds, “the truth is a big pool of mining industry talent isn’t being tapped into because most women haven’t had the education and mentoring needed to market themselves as board-ready. WIM International’s new webinar initiative should go a long way in improving visibility and access to candidates outside of traditional sources.”

Primarily aimed at women mining executives and female professionals who are considering a board role within the next two to five years, the webinar series will focus on topics such as an in-depth review of the key responsibilities of directors and board operations, an overview of legal issues in mining, regional regulatory differences and obligations, gender diversity on boards, and how to develop a board résumé and an action plan to achieve the goal of landing a board seat.

The webinar series, which will be led by a variety of internationally-qualified business and governance experts over a series of monthly sessions, does not provide certification, but acts as a practical guide to women who are considering qualifications and marketing themselves as available for a board seat.

About PearTree Securities

PearTree Securities Inc., a registered exempt market dealer, is the biggest source of flow-through capital in Canada for the mineral exploration sector. A subsidiary of PearTree Financial Services Ltd., the originator and leading provider of flow through donation financing services in Canada, the role of PearTree Securities is to work with Canadian resource exploration companies to arrange structured flow through donation financings, a valuable new source of capital for many firms providing access to institutional domestic, strategic and off-shore capital not typical in flow through offerings.

About WIM International

International Women in Mining (WIM) Community ( was established in 2007 and works to increase the participation and visibility of women in the mining industry. It facilitates stronger connections between women in mining groups around the world, their members and the many women working in mining not members of a local WIM group. International WIM Community also provides support and advice to women who want to establish new women in mining associations. Current projects seek to address low numbers of women serving on boards and the number of women presenting at mining conferences; as well as improve the representation of women in the industry via improved stock photos and visual role models.