Why You Should Service Your Weighbridge Regularly


A weighbridge is a capital investment, and like any other asset, it needs to be well looked after if it is to deliver optimum returns.

It is also a precision measuring instrument and for it to perform its function accurately, reliably and consistently, it needs to be in peak condition.  But none of this happens by chance – and it certainly isn’t possible without proper maintenance and regular servicing.

Surprisingly, not all weighbridge owners are aware of the importance of preventative maintenance of their equipment such as cleaning and sweeping of the decks or pits to remove any build-up of debris, but they’re also not aware of the critical need to have the weighbridge professionally serviced on a regular basis.

Here are some key points which highlight the need for regular servicing of a weighbridge.

Load cells

The load cells are the heartbeat of the weighbridge and are sensitive, precision instruments which require regular servicing to ensure they deliver accuracy of measurement on a consistent basis.  Like any other high-tech equipment which has moving parts, the load cells need regular inspection, cleaning, calibration and lubrication and if they are replaced for any reason, the weighbridge then needs to be retested and serviced to ensure it is operating within prescribed tolerances.

Rough treatment

Weighbridges are subjected to some rough treatment, be it from harsh climatic conditions, heavy impact forces from loaded trucks, continuous braking and acceleration and so on – and these all take their toll on the equipment.  Regular servicing ensures that the effects of these impacts are negated and that any necessary adjustments, replacement of parts, fixing of any wear and tear etc are sorted out by qualified technicians.

Legal compliance

Owners of trade-approved weighbridges have a legal responsibility to ensure that the equipment complies with the prevailing legislation.  Regular servicing will ensure their weighbridge is legally compliant and will help owners avoid the risk of financial penalties or prosecution.

Prevent under loading or overloading

Without regular servicing, a weighbridge may be recording inaccurate measurements which could lead to financial losses.  For example, under-loaded trucks mean wasted space, unnecessary costs and a possible loss in revenue through giving away too much product which isn’t actually being invoiced, whilst over-loaded trucks can incur fines and will ultimately lead to faster wear and tear on the vehicle body and tyres, increased fuel costs etc.

Prevents premature wear and tear

Regular servicing of the weighbridge will also prevent unnecessary wear and tear of the equipment.  For example, professional servicing would ensure that load cells won’t need replacing prematurely – a cost which every smart weighbridge owner would hope to avoid.

Lengthens operational lifespan of the weighbridge

A well-serviced weighbridge is far less likely to break down and should have a significantly longer operational lifespan than one that has been infrequently or inadequately maintained.

Regular servicing of your weighbridge will protect your investment and ensure that your precision measuring equipment is in optimum working order.   However, as the weighbridge owners carry the legal responsibility for ensuring their equipment is maintained to the prescribed tolerances, it is really worthwhile ensuring that servicing is carried out by professionals.

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