US start-up ready to sell lab-made rare earths

Infinitum, a Massachusetts-based start-up engaged in clean metal production processes, is gearing up to launch its first products made with a proprietary anode technology that can reduce energy consumption and emissions.

While the company’s approach can be used to produce other metals, including magnesium and aluminum, Infinitum said it is starting with rare earths because they currently fetch much higher prices.

According to, the first two metals to hit the market are neodymium and dysprosium, needed to make powerful magnets that work at high temperatures.

The firm’s executives say that, while their proprietary process can reduce processing costs of metals such as aluminum and magnesium by 30 to 50%, the figure is not that clear when it comes to rare earths. This because it doesn’t address pollution from mining and separating rare earth oxides from other materials in the ore.