VIDEO: Imperial Metals posts Hazletine Creek clean-up work

Last week Imperial Metals posted video of the company's progress rehabilitating Hazeltine Creek.

In August 2014 the Mount Polley tailings dam breached.

This month Imperial Metals (TSX:III) recorded a $37.3 million net loss in 2014, thanks largely to the cost of dealing with last year’s tailings pond failure at its Mount Polley mine. Remediation costs are estimated at $67.4 million.

The company has submitted plans to restart the mine.

Mount Polley's tailing dam breached in August 2014. Image is a screen shot from Imperial Metals.

The tailings pond released 10 million cubic metres of water and 4.5 million cubic metres of mine waste slurry into Polley Lake. Image is a screen shot from Imperial Metals.

Imperial Metals has proposed restarting the Mount Polley mine this year as work continues to repair the tailings pond. Approval for the restart has not yet been approved.

DISCLOSURE: The reporter Michael McCrae is an investor in Imperial Metals.