African soccer legend Drogba buys stake in Ivory Coast gold mine

Ivorian footballer Didier Drogba has bought a 5% stake in the Ity gold mine, deepening involvement in his home nation.

Canadian miner La Mancha also increased its stake in the mine to 55% as part of the deal.

Investment in the Ity mine has been in decline of late ‘due to lack of resources’ and it is hoped that the Drogba investment will kick-start activity.

Drogba is beloved by his fellow Ivorians for his successes on the pitch, which include the 2012 Champions League title, and for his humanitarian efforts at home.

Ivory Coast is working towards reconstruction and reconciliation after a decade of crisis and its 2011 civil war.

Ity is an open pit mine with a resource grade of 3.45 g/t Au. 2012 production capacity was 31,000 ounces.


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