Alrosa, Everledger launch e-commerce platform for diamond tracking

Image source: ALROSA

Alrosa and independent technology company Everledger are launching a new e-commerce solution on WeChat — one of the world’s largest social platforms — to help Chinese retailers track the origin of diamonds using blockchain technology. WeChat is created and operated by Chinese tech giant Tencent, which recently became an investor of Everledger.

The new software will showcase diamonds from Alrosa, enabling full traceability from mine to consumer

The new software will showcase diamonds from Alrosa, enabling full traceability from mine to consumer. It will also be offered as a white label API for jewelry manufacturers and retailers in China who wish to provide consumers with more insightful stories about their products and brand.

Consumers will be offered full transparency regarding the origin, characteristics and authenticity of the jewelry they purchase. Using the WeChat program on their smartphone, they can check an individual diamond’s full provenance and certificate information, purchase the diamond using WeChat Pay, and also confirm its ownership through the Everledger blockchain platform.

This allows for a better informed and more secure purchase, as well as a more seamless online-to-offline user experience. By establishing new touch points between consumers, manufacturers and retailers, the WeChat program will encourage brand differentiation in the Chinese luxury market.

Alrosa will provide information about diamonds extracted in Russia, allowing consumers to know the exact origin of each stone and ascertain its sustainable and ethical footprint.

Last month, the rough diamonds producer launched its independent sustainability benchmark report, demonstrating its leading position in responsible sourcing on the global market.

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