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Calling all single, Canadian mining CEOs

The Bachelor Canada is looking for its newest bachelor and someone from the mining industry just might fit the bill.

A casting producer recently contacted in search of suggestions on “some key industry players” who could be a great fit for the show.

“Mining is such an important and huge Canadian market” that they wouldn’t want to “overlook the possibilities,” the e-mail read.

And it’s true. More than 50% of the world’s public mining companies are in Canada – a gold digger’s paradise.

In its official casting call, the Bachelor Canada describes the ideal man that they’re looking for.

“A vibrant, single man, aged 30-36. Handsome, outgoing and successful” (cue mining industry).

“Open to adventure and not easily intimidated. Someone who enjoys travel and is interested to explore some of the world’s most exclusive destinations.”

“Most importantly, he must be open to love and accept the challenge of finding the WOMAN OF HIS DREAMS.”

Taping start in spring 2014 so the clock is ticking.