Champion Iron hunts high grade zones at Powderhorn

Image courtesy of Champion Iron

Montreal-based Champion Iron has excellent results from its 9,350-metre drill program last fall on its Powderhorn property located in north-central Newfoundland, 40 km southwest of Springdale. The results come from both a copper-rich and a zinc-rich zone.

Results from the copper zone include:

  • Hole PH18-16: 0.89% copper, 1.1 g/t gold, 13.9 g/t silver and 0.09% zinc over 3.92 metres. The best intersection in the hole was 2.31% copper and 1.8 g/t gold, 28.6 g/t silver and 0.33% zinc over 0.5 metre.
  • Hole PH18-17: 1.11% copper, 1.0 g/t gold, 7.7 g/t silver and 0.08% zinc over 3.0 metres. The best intersection in the hole was 1.33% copper, 0.6 g/t gold, 8.3 g/t silver and 0.29% zinc over 0.7 metre.
  • Hole PH18-42: 1.16% copper 0.3 g/t gold, 8.3 g/t silver and 0.29% zinc, with two higher grade inclusions. The best one was 1.19% copper, 0.3 g/t gold, 7.9 g/t silver and 0.48% zinc over 1.0 metre.

Results from the zinc zone include:

  • Hole PH18-12: 6.90% zinc, 0.14% copper, 7.7 g/t silver and no gold over 3.22 metres. The hole best 1.0-metre inclusion was 16.10% zinc, 0.16% copper and 1.2 g/t silver.
  • Hole PH18-34: 14.54% zinc, 0.40% copper and 105.9 g/t silver and less than 0.1 g/t gold over 1.68 metres. The best zinc grade in a 0.9-metre inclusion was 23.60%
  • Hole PH18-38: 10.21% zinc, 0.42% copper, 10.7 g/t silver and less than 0.1 g/t gold over2.76 metres. There was a 1.0-metre inclusion that tested 12.50% zinc, 0.50% copper and 14.1 g/t silver.
  • Hole PH18-40: 2.57$ zinc, 0.72% copper, 21.6 g/t silver and less than 0.1% gold over 2.57 metres. The best inclusion was 13.90% zinc, 0.74% copper, 17.5 g/t silver over 0.6 metre.

Champion says the data acquired in 2017 and 2018 demonstrates the presence of a 50-metre thick zinc-bearing unit with several high grade lenses. It has an overall zinc grade of 0.22%. The zinc zone may reach from near surface down to 630 metres. The target remains open in all directions. The geology at Powderhorn is said to be similar to that at the former Buchans mine.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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