Chinese miners killed by armed thieves in Ghana on New Year’s Eve

Two Chinese miners have been shot and killed during an armed robbery at their camp in the Upper Denkyira West District of central Ghana on New Year’s Eve.

The Daily Guide reports that the two Chinese nationals, Li Jiangsheng, in his late 40’s, and Li Chaohua, 35, were employed as senior consultants by the Hansol Small Scale Mining Company, and were preparing to leave for China at the time of the shootings.

A third shooting victim, also a Chinese national, is currently receiving medical treatment.

Sources say that a group of six assailants perpetrated the robbery and shot the victims after seizing their firearms.

The same site was the scene of an armed robbery a month previously, which police have not yet finished investigating.

Ghana has recently seen a sharp rise in tensions and violent conflict between local residents and illegal Chinese gold miners, who have flocked to the West African nation in large numbers and reportedly caused major environmental damage via the use of heavy machinery.