‘Coal is no longer marketable’ – EPA Administrator

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said coal is no longer marketable with alternatives like cleaner natural gas and energy efficiency.

McCarthy made the comments at the Paris climate talks, a multi-day summit where countries from around the world hope to hammer out a climate deal to reduce green house gas emissions.

McCarthy talked about coal and other issues at the Facebook booth, a live video chat where viewers submit questions:

One viewer asked McCarthy how come China uses five times as much coal as the US?

Well I think China has a growing population and they have been trying to move people out of poverty and into the middle class. Coal is a resource that was readily available to them. They have moved and developed their power system around it. If you look at where the US used to be, you will see we were heavily invested in coal. We now know as China does that is not necessarily the path to the future. We know in the US we are transitioning away from coal because coal is no longer marketable. We have cleaner natural gas and we have opportunities for low carbon sources like renewables and using energy efficiency.

McCarthy was appointed the head of the EPA in July 2013 after a long confirmation fight.
Hat tip, The Hill

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