Council website illustrates the story of gold

The World Gold Council launched a new website telling the story of gold through an interactive set of facts, videos and maps about the precious yellow metal. leads the viewer through the supply chain of how it is mined, refined, manufactured and sold. It also provides information about the impacts on the environment, society and the environment.

The interactive gold map highlights facts about the metal in countries around the world — how much is produced, consumed, remains unmined in the ground and is held by central banks.

A viewer can manipulate the map with information about the total population, the economy, life expectancy and other factors.

Goldmap large

The video library showcases what’s happening with gold in places like Mexico and Peru.

Here’s one video about how gold is produced in the 21st century:

The World Gold Council is based in the UK and acts as the market development organization for the gold industry.

Images: WGC screengrab