CyPlus installs Cyanide Control System at Dragon Mining in Sweden

Dragon Mining Sweden AB, Storuman, has purchased the CyPlus® CCS Cyanide Control System for its Svartliden operation in Sweden. “Working closely with Svartliden’s personnel, the CyPlus unit was successfully commissioned on site and operators have been trained to use CyPlus® CCS,” says Bernd Adam, senior applications specialist in the CyPlus team from Hanau-Wolfgang (Germany), who installed the unit in Sweden.

CyPlus® CCS is a proven system to measure cyanide content and optimize cyanide additions to the tank where the gold-bearing ore is treated. “We always need the optimal concentration of cyanide in the leach tank and it is essential to avoid over- and under-dosing. With the CyPlus® CCS we expect to reach our cyanide-related goals,” says Matthias Koot, project engineer of the Dragon Mining Svartliden operation.

The analytical apparatus measures concentrations of different strengths at several points. Gold mining operations need to maximize the gold extraction rate yet minimize consumption of cyanide and cyanide destruction reagents to comply with stringent limits, for example those set by the International Cyanide Management Code and the World Bank.

Global demand expected to rise
Safe and responsible handling of cyanides throughout its lifecycle is a central aim of CyPlus’ activities. The CyPlus Cyanide Control System to reduce cyanide consumption complements the other products in the CyPlus range of cyanide technologies. CyPlus specialists have been installing CyPlus® CCS in the gold mining industry all over the world for more than 20 years. Through its technologies and services CyPlus supports efforts by the global mining industry to operate in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

CyPlus is a worldwide leading company in cyanides. The wholly owned subsidiary of Evonik Industries AG supplies products to customers in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and surface treatment industries. The company meets the extensive and strict requirements of the international gold mining industry as a supplier of cyanides in accordance with the provisions of the “International Cyanide Management Code” (ICMC). Some 100 employees worldwide, production sites in Europe and North America, and sales and distribution offices on all continents provide customers swift and reliable service. CyPlus regards itself as the pacesetter of progress and sustainability in the industry.

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