Education and Technology for more Safety at Mine Sites

Spillard Safety Systems provides technology for vehicles such as a 360 degree surround camera to improve safety and visibility, but the company also knows about the importance of education and training of people working on site. Thus, the company will be on the spot at several safety events, reports MHW Magazine.

“Technology alone is not enough to ensure the safety of people exposed to the dangers of limited visibility and blind spots on machines and vehicles,” said MD Pete Spillard. “The industry knows only too well the tragic human effects, financial impact and reputational damage that have resulted from serious accidents in the past. But we’re still seeing too many accident and fatalities on construction, mining and quarrying sites. And as well as equipping operators with the right on-board technology to improve all-round plant visibility, an important part of the answer is educating all of the people who work on site about visibility risks and how to avoid them.”