Element 25, Circulor partner to develop first ESG transparent manganese supply chain

Manganese. (Image by Antonio Jordán, Imaggeo).

Circulor Ltd announced Wednesday a partnership with Element 25 Limited (ASX:E25) to establish full manganese traceability and tracking of CO2 and environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards for products produced from Element 25’s Butcherbird project in Australia.

E25’s partnership with Circulor is key to demonstrating traceability and ESG compliance for its manganese products as part of its strategic pathway to zero carbon manganese, the companies said in the statement. Real-time, digital visibility of ESG metrics, including CO2 intensity and energy mix used, will be made available to downstream market participants, including offtake partners.

Circulor’s platform will also enable E25 to demonstrate its fulfillment of United Nations Sustainability Development Goals and the European Commission’s Battery Regulation.

The tracking and tracing will include the current manganese concentrate products, as well as the planned production of high-purity manganese sulphate (HPMSM) battery materials that will be manufactured through the downstream processing of Butcherbird manganese concentrate.

Globally, there is increasing awareness about the impacts of extractive industries, including the supply of raw materials that are key to meeting growing demand for critical minerals in the lithium-ion batteries industry and electric vehicles.

“We are thrilled to support Element 25 in their ambition to bring to market Zero Carbon Manganese,” Circulor CEO Douglas Johnson-Poensgen said in a media statement.

“They are demonstrating that with real-time transparency, it is possible to work together with downstream customers to bring sustainably produced battery materials to market. With E25 joining our platform, Circulor’s network of battery raw material suppliers and customers gets stronger, bringing the whole industry’s goal of greater sustainability closer within reach.”