Fifty-five workers back to surface after fire at potash facility in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan mine. Photo by The Mosaic Company.

After spending almost an entire day at underground refuge stations, 55 workers at The Mosaic Company’s (NYSE:MOS) K2 potash facility in Saskatchewan made it safely to surface.

Following a small underground fire, the workers were asked to stay at the safe spaces where they had access to drinking water and food items. In the meantime, staff just outside of the mine were running air monitoring tests. Around 8 p.m., it was confirmed that there was no danger for them to come back up, so they did.

According to Sarah Fedorchuk, a spokesperson with Mosaic, damages were minor and the cause of the fire is under investigation. “It looks like a belt connected to a miner is the culprit,” she said in an email to

Fedorchuk also said that operations have been restarted at the 3,350 feet-deep mine.

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