Forty percent of miners’ technical reports are non-compliant: Ontario Securities Commission

osc non-compliance securties commision miningThe Ontario Securities Commission found that 80% of the technical reports it surveyed last month had some form of non-compliance and 40% had at least one major non-compliance concern.

The OSC published a report on June 27 where it reviewed 50 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, 43-101F1, that were filed on SEDAR.

Only 20% of the technical reports reviewed were found to be fully compliant.

“We view this level of non-compliance with the disclosure requirements of Form 43-101F1 to be unacceptable. Although significant efforts have been made to comply with the requirements of Form 43-101F1, issuers and qualified persons need to further improve their disclosure,” warned the OSC in its report.

Miners found non-compliant may be getting a call.

“Issuers should anticipate staff requests for refilings, additional disclosure, or other staff action, where appropriate, if an issuer and qualified person have not fully met the requirements of Form 43-101F1 and NI 43-101.”

The OSC summarized the deficiencies it found:

The results of the Review identified frequent disclosure deficiencies, some of which may significantly impact investors.

The significant deficiencies include the following sections of the Technical Report:

• mineral resource estimates

• environmental studies, permitting and social or community impact

• capital and operating costs

• economic analysis

• interpretation and conclusions.

Other sections of the Technical Report where we noted frequent disclosure deficiencies include:

• summary

• history

• certificate of the qualified person.

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