Cache of gold, silver and bronze jewellery unearthed in Ukraine

Archaeologists have uncovered a significant treasure consisting of 200 bronze coins and various items of gold, silver and bronze jewellery, which were buried by citizens of a town under siege by the Roman army nearly 2,000 years ago.

Live Science reports the valuables were found beneath an ancient fortress in the Crimean settlement of Artezia, in modern day Ukraine.

Scientists think wealthy locals buried the treasure in an effort to hide it from the attacking Romans.

“It was obvious for the people that they were going to die shortly,” wrote Nikolai Vinokurov, a professor at Moscow State Pedagogical University in an email to Live Science.

Professor Vinokurov’s team has been recruiting volunteers to study the town since 1989. It covered an area of at least 3.2 acres, including a burial ground where many items have been found.

Researchers believe the finding may be worth “millions,” although no estimated sum has been disclosed.

Image courtesy Russian-Ukrainian Archaeological Artezian Expedition

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