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Indian millionaire splashes out over $200k on 22 carat gold shirt

Indian millionaire splashes out over $200k on 22 carat gold shirt

Pankaj Parakh  will wear the expensive outfit at his 45th birthday party this weekend.

Indian politician Pankaj Parakh took his love for gold to a whole new level by having a 22 carat gold shirt that weighs 4kg and costs a staggering US$210,000 created for him.

Parakh, who is also the owner of a multi-million dollar textile business near Mumbai, had the shirt made for his 45th birthday. With it and its seven gold buttons, he hopes to enter the Guinness World Records and the Limca Book of Records.

While the piece of clothing weighs more than the 3.3kg gold shirt bought by another Indian man last year, it doesn’t break the record for most expensive, as Datta Phuge’s shirt reportedly cost over US$250,000.

A team of 20 artisans spent around 3,200 hours creating the golden shirt over the past two months, The Times of India reports.

Though made of gold, the top is fully flexible and smooth, and has a thin cloth lining the inside to avoid rubbing the body, the paper adds.

Parakh, who left school without any qualifications before starting his business, will wear the expensive outfit at his birthday party this weekend.

Image: Screengrab via YouTube.