Kunming partners with Rio Tinto for Argyle diamonds

Argyle pink diamonds. (Image courtesy of Rio Tinto).

The world’s second-largest miner, Rio Tinto (ASX, LON, NYSE: RIO), announced that Hong Kong-based coloured diamond specialist Kunming Diamonds is now one of the company’s 13 authorized partners for Argyle pink diamonds. 

In a press release, Rio said this means Kunming will be entrusted with the care and custody of the gems. 

Established in 1987, Kunming is a global, multi-generational company that has built its business into one of Asia’s leading coloured diamond specialists. In 2019, the company was successful in acquiring the entire Argyle Pink Everlasting Collection, a one-off exclusive selection of certified Argyle pink and red diamonds. 

“This is a wonderful honour and showcases our commitment to bringing the world’s rarest diamonds to our global partners and client base,” Harsh Maheshwari, director of Kunming, said in the brief.

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