Laurentian University hosts Peru’s vice-minister of mines during remediation workshop

Photo taken from Laurentian University’s Facebook page.

Canada’s Laurentian University is hosting a delegation of researchers and officials at the week-long Building Environmental Strategies workshop. The guests include Augusto Cauti, vice-minister of mines in Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Several workshops have been crafted to the specific needs of the South American guests. The aim is to help Peruvians to build an environmental remediation plan for specific regions. Knowledge about successful remediation in Sudbury will be shared, and delegates were shown how that knowledge can be applied in Peru.

“Learning about Sudbury’s remediation story, our engagement with Indigenous communities, and our university’s role in supporting world leading researchers is providing a strong basis for collaboration,” said Dr. Robert Haché, president and vice-chancellor of Laurentian University.

The school said the visit is a return in kind, following the trip that several Canadians made to Peruvian states in May this year. That trip was organized by the Core Foundation.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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