MINING PEOPLE: Cascadero Copper, Crystal Lake Mining, Margaux, Mason Graphite, Orla

Management moves announced this week include:

Greg Gibson has resigned as the president, CEO, director and chairman of Bonterra ResourcesCesar Gonzalez has been appointed as chairman of the board. In addition, Normand Champigny has been named an independent non-executive director.

Oscar Mendoza is now a special advisor, Mexico, for Brigadier Gold.

Matt Halliday has been promoted to the position of president and COO with Canada Silver Cobalt Works; He will hold this new role in addition to his duties as the company’s VP of exploration. Halliday replaces Frank Basa as president; Basa will continue as the company’s CEO.

Christopher Ecclestone is now the president and CEO of Cascadero CopperLorne Harder has been named interim CFO and corporate secretary; Ecclestone and Harder are also joining the company’s board. Brian Causey has stepped down as a director.

Crystal Lake Mining has announced additions to its management and technical team: Dylan Hunko is now the company’s COO, Malcolm Davidson has been named CFO, Deborah Cotter is joining as corporate secretary and John Ryan is now on the technical advisory committee. The company will start trading under its new name, Enduro Metals, on July 3.

Stephen Goodman has resigned from his post as CFO and a director of Getchell Gold.

Heatherdale Resources has expanded its technical team: Ryan Weymark has joined as VP of project development, Jim Oliver is now a technical advisor and Graham Neale has been named project manager for the Niblack project in Alaska.

Marco Roque is now the CEO and a director of Margaux ResourcesTyler Rice will remain the company’s president. Doug Foster has resigned as a director of the company.

Jean L’Heureux is now the COO of Mason Graphite.

Scott Honan has been promoted to the COO role with NioCorp Developments; Honan joined the company in 2014 as VP of business development.

Sean Spraggett is now the general manager, Panama, with Orla Mining.

Leonardo Elizalde has been named manager of project development with Salazar Resources.

Perry Durning and Frank Hillemeyer are now technical advisors for Silver Dollar Resources.

Standard Uranium has added Galen McNamara and Sean Hillacre to its technical team: Hillacre has been named project manager for the upcoming Davidson River drill program and McNamara, the CEO and a director of Summa Silver, has been appointed a technical advisor.

Ryan Ptolemy is now the CFO of Sulliden Mining Capital and Wen Ye has been appointed to the company’s board. Deborah Battiston has stepped down from her role as CFO and a director of the company.

Tony Barresi has resigned from his role as the president of Triumph Gold and has stepped down from the board. Joe Campbell has also resigned as a director. Barresi will continue as a technical advisor to the company. Brian Bower is now the lead director.

Board changes include:

Simon Clarke has been appointed to the board of American LithiumG.A. Binninger is now a special advisor to the board.

Christopher Cheng is now on the board of Canuc Resources.

Ewan Downie has joined the board of Clean Air Metals. Downie is the president and CEO of Premier Gold Mines.

Murray Seitz, a director of Far Resources, has passed away.

Trace Arlaud is now on the board of Global Atomic.

Peter MacPhail has joined the board of Manitou Gold.

J.J. Elkin has been appointed to the board of Plato Gold.

Craig Parry is now the chairman of QX Metals’ board. Rod McKeen and John Williamson have resigned from the board.

Stephen Motteram has stepped down from the board of Xanadu Mines.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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