New Transfer Conveyors Designed for Maximum Setup and Takedown Efficiencies

Superior Industries, a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems and components, introduces a three-unit conveyor system designed to bring a whole new level of efficiency during loading and unloading.

The idea behind the newly released Slide-Pac conveyors is first to reduce freight costs, transporting up to 240ft of conveyors in one load. Secondly, after transportation, the system is designed with a roll-style slide-off system for safe and speedy unloading of the top two conveyors from the bottom trailer unit. From start to finish, the entire unloading process takes just minutes to complete.

The three-in-one conveyor system is available in lengths of 60ft, 70ft and 80ft for up to 240ft of conveyor length in one load. The trailer unit can be raised to a 14ft discharge height, is equipped with air brakes, a fifth wheel hitch and travel lights. Superior manufactures its 70ft and 80ft units with a tandem axle design…read the rest of the article here.

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