North America’s 10 highest mines

North America’s highest mines are all concentrated in just four states. The third mine on this list, Climax, is situated at an elevation of 3,075 metres — just a short distance from Leadville, the highest incorporated city in the United States.

To see how North America’s highest mines compare on a global scale, check out our list of the world’s highest mines.

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#1 Henderson
Elevation: 3,266m
Owner: Climax Molybdenum
Type: Underground molybdenum mine

#2 Cripple Creek
Elevation: 3,198m
Owner: Newmont USA
Type: Open-pit gold and silver mine

#3 Climax
Elevation: 3,075m
Owner: Climax Molybdenum
Type: Open-pit molybdenum mine

#4 Skyline No. 3
Elevation: 2,693m
Owner: Bowie Resources
Type: Underground coal mine

#5 War Eagle Mountain
Elevation: 2,445m
Owner: Silver Falcon
Type: Underground gold and silver mine

#6 Thompson Creek
Elevation: 2,403m
Owner: Blue Pearl Mining
Type: Open-pit molybdenum mine

#7 Bowie No. 2
Elevation: 2,397m
Owner: Bowie Resources
Type: Underground coal mine

#8 Sufco
Elevation: 2,300m
Owner: Bowie Resources
Type: Underground coal mine

#9 Smoky Canyon
Elevation: 2,284m
Owner: Simplot
Type: Open-pit phosphate rock mine

#10 King II
Elevation: 2,277m
Owner: GCC Energy
Type: Underground coal mine