Northern Dynasty proposes Pebble energy sharing plan

Pebble project in Alaska. Image courtesy of Northen Dynasty Minerals Ltd.

Northern Dynasty Minerals (TSX: NDM) has taken further steps in the Pebble project planning by announcing a low-cost energy sharing program in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska.

On Thursday, the company’s US-based subsidiary Pebble Partnership sent a request for proposal (RFP) process to advance planning for its plans to share power with interested located communities.

The RFP seeks a qualified bidder to facilitate discussions with local government, local utilities, tribal organizations, interested Bristol Bay residents, appropriate state and federal entities and other regional organizations about the range of issues and opportunities the proposed power-sharing concept presents.

The Pebble project design includes the potential energy needs for the region

The Pebble project design includes the potential energy needs for the region. The company estimates 270 MW of power would be produced from a power plant at site, which will be powered with natural gas that will reach the site through a 12-inch natural gas pipeline.

“Our core business is focused on mining and we know we will need help advancing the power conversation in the region from an idea to a realistic plan,” Pebble Partnership CEO Tom Collier said. “Thus, what we really need is a strategic framework to guide decisions and to pull together a plan of action for how best to share affordable energy with local communities.”

“We have long believed that one of the more significant opportunities for the residents of the region would be the ability to receive lower-cost, reliable energy from the project,” Northern Dynasty president and CEO Ron Thiessen added.

The environmental impact statement (EIS) and record of decision (RoD) for the Pebble project are expected to be completed this summer.

Collier noted that as the project continues to pass major milestones, stakeholders can expect to see the company taking concrete steps on a range of issues long discussed.

Recently, the Pebble Partnership announced a profit-sharing plan for Bristol Bay residents.