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Philippine’s mineral production up slightly in 2013

Philippine metallic mineral production was up 0.26% in 2013 according to the country’s mining bureau, which released year-end results earlier this month.

The estimated production value was PhP99.33 billion in 2013 compared to PhP99.04 billion in 2012, a gain of PhP298 million.

Nickel sulphides accounted for 41.3% of the total production. Gold at 32.66% and copper at 22.51% came in second and third respectively. The remaining 3.52%, or PhP3.50 billion, came from the collective values of silver, zinc, chromite and iron ore.

Copper concentrate was up 40% and gold was up 18% from 2012.

“The improved standing of the yellow metal was due to the entry of the Didipio Copper-Gold Project of Oceana Gold Philippines Inc. in Nueva Vizcaya to the production stream in 2013,” writes the report’s authors.

“The comeback of the Teresa Gold Project of Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation in Benguet Province to the production stream on March 2013 also enhanced the overall gold output. Total production volume grew by 18% from 14,596 kilograms in 2012 to 17,248 kilograms year-on-year.”

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