Recent Tailings Failure at Samarco a Reminder of the Need for Proper Training

Tailings are a necessary component of mine waste. The safe design, operation and management of tailings facilities are key responsibilities of any modern mining operation.

Following on the Mount Polley failure in British Columbia, Canada, in 2014, the recent tailings facility failure at the iron ore mine at Samarco in Brazil (, 05 Nov), and the consequent loss of life, is yet another reminder of the need for proper training in all aspects of design, operation and management of tailings facilities.

The EduMine course on Advanced Tailings and Mine Waste Facility Design, Construction, Operation and Closure is an opportunity for anyone responsible for the hands-on design, operation, and management of tailings facilities to obtain a detailed update on the latest research, practices, and successes in mine tailings management.

The course draws on the findings and recommendations made by expert panels, and mining industry groups, with respect to the 2014 failure of the Mount Polley tailing facility in British Columbia, Canada, as well as other facilities failures between 2012 – 2015. Mount Polley’s expert panel recommendations regarding best available technology and best in practice management systems are discussed in light of case histories that have and will benefit from advances in technical and management approaches.

The course is recommended for engineers, scientists, managers, and technical personnel, as well as anyone who wants to gain an in-depth appreciation of design, construction, operation, and closure of large and complex tailings facilities in difficult and challenging environments.