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Rio Tinto unveils new aluminium alloy to make lighter cars

Revolution-Al™ is a new alloy developed to make lighter car wheels. (Image courtesy of Rio Tinto Aluminum)

Rio Tinto unveiled Monday a new aluminum alloy that could reduce the weight of vehicle wheels by as much as 7%, while making them stronger 15% to 20% stronger than traditional wheels.

The world’s No. 2 miner, which is also one of the dominant players in the global alloy market, has called its new product “Revolution-Al” and said it’s part of its high-strength 3xx Series Alloys.

Tolga Egrilmezer, Rio’s vice president of sales and marketing, called the product a “clear example” of how the company aims to deliver responsible solutions to its customers and the whole manufacturing ecosystem.

“Our new wheel alloy is stronger, allowing designers to make a lighter wheel, which, in turn, can make cars safer and more appealing to end consumers, in addition to having reduced CO2 emissions,” he said in the statement.

Revolution-Al is also supposed to improve fuel efficiency and can be used in the making of other car’s parts such as chassis, tools, as well as suspension and braking parts.