Services sector saves jobless miners in Australia


Job losses in Australia’s mining industry, particularly in Queensland, have been outstripped by a wave of job creation in every key service sector from tourism to education, a report published Thursday shows.

According to think tank The Australia Institute, while the state miners axed 22,000 positions between 2013 and 2015, health and community services created new jobs for almost double that number of workers.

New hires in education (34,000), tourism-related services (27,000) and professional services (26,000) also more than made up for the decline in resources jobs.

Services sector saves jobless miners in AustraliaTom Swann, co-author of said data confirms the state is experiencing “marked improvements” in terms of job growth.

“Most of the growth has come from services, which already provide four in five jobs in Queensland. These industries are well placed to contribute new jobs in coming years,” Swann said in a statement.

Services sector saves jobless miners in Australia

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The Australia Institute’s report comes ahead of the Queensland Jobs Growth Summit 2016 will be held next week at Queensland’s Parliament House.