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Something Big Is Coming

MINING.COM was launched in February 2011 and quickly grew to become the most read mining news and opinion site in the world.

We are the mining industry’s largest community. MINING.COM readers now number over 400,000 per month, and our flagship news digest reaches 200,000 subscribers each day.

MINING.COM is not a mouthpiece of the industry. We serve a global audience that represent all stakeholders in mining.

This is why MINING.COM is read not just by industry professionals, resource investors, equipment suppliers and mineral rights owners, but also by non-profit and environmental groups, local communities and governments in all corners of the world.

We are excited to announce a new phase in MINING.COM’s growth with the relaunch of our website and email newsletters with a fresh new brand and streamlined design.

We’ve listened to our readers’ feedback and overhauled our technological underpinnings to bring readers a faster, more secure and reliable site and email newsletter regardless of where, or on what device they’re accessing MINING.COM.

The new MINING.COM also adds new sections that make it easier to follow commodity markets, seek out a new career in mining and find the right courses to develop professional skills or train employees.

For MINING.COM innovation is an ongoing endeavour, and we’ll be adding new features and interactive tools to the website, mobile offering and newsletters regularly.

What is not changing with the new MINING.COM is our commitment to bringing everybody involved in mining comprehensive and timely news and insights that cover all aspects of the industry across all regions.

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Frik Els
MINING.COM Executive Editor