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Talga Resources to provide graphene for Bentley’s e-axle

Bentley. (Reference image from Pikrepo, CC0).

Australia’s Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) announced that it will be part of the OCTOPUS project, an initiative with the goal to deliver the ultimate single unit e-axle solution designed specifically to meet Bentley Motors’ performance specifications.

Within the project, Talga has to develop and provide graphene materials for the high-performance electric motor windings. The main objective is to deliver an aluminium-based solution aimed at outperforming, and ultimately replacing, the copper windings currently used. 

Talga’s flagship Vittangi project hosts the highest grade JORC/NI 43-101 resource in the world with a total resource 12.3Mt @ 25.5% graphite using a 17% cutoff

“The improved motor windings form part of the project’s aim of developing next-generation, lightweight, high-performance component systems that integrate the latest advanced materials and manufacturing techniques,” the West Perth-based company said in a media statement. “The components are to be tested at sub-system and system level for an integration route into future e-axle designs.”

The e-axle concept combines electric motor, power electronics and transmission into a compact, electric drive solution for hybrid and battery-only electric vehicle applications. Bentley and other automotive manufacturers are focused on the e-axle concept as a way to reduce vehicle weight and improve performance.

Funding for Talga’s participation in this project will be provided by the IDP15: The Road to Zero-Emission Vehicles competition, which is organized by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and Innovate UK.