The 2009 Quarry Academy: Go Beyond the Iron

‘Counting each ton and making each ton count’ is a mindset required in today’s difficult economy to minimize costs and maximize profits. With the radical shift of the market environment, special emphasis at this year’s Quarry Academy was given to balancing unit operations with total process outcomes while maintaining standards of safety and best practices.

The curriculum for this year’s Quarry Academy (, held November 2-5th in Atlanta, GA, not only addressed critical processes within the quarry operation, but also focused on the relationship between each process, how these processes systematically interact with one another and how they can be linked to improve overall operational improvement.

Quarry Academy is one of the derivatives of a working technical alliance between Sandvik Mining and Construction and Dyno Nobel.  Sandvik’s Training Center in Atlanta, Georgia hosted this year’s Academy and marked the fourth time quarry owners and managers have gathered to learn how to make their operations more efficient, more profitable, and more competitive.

Class presentation at Sandvik’s Training Center in Atlanta

Class presentation at Sandvik’s Training Center in Atlanta

The 2009 Quarry Academy offered customers interactive classes and workshops on a variety of topics taught by a team of 10 subject matter experts, each with more than 20 years of industry experience in quarry and mining operations around the world. The focus was not on Sandvik or Dyno Nobel products but, rather, on the processes within the quarry operation that drive productivity and improve efficiency….Read Full Media Release

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