TV Series about Careers in the Mining Industry in British Columbia

As announced on, a TV mini-series about jobs in British Columbia’s mining industry will air on September 8th across BC. Each of the 8 episodes of “Mining Your Future” will show three different careers.

“The Mining Your Future TV mini-series provides a unique opportunity for British Columbians from the comfort of their own couch, to discover the industry that has some of the Provinces highest paying jobs (average combination of salary and benefits is over $110,000),” says Dave Bazowski, representing the BC Mining HR Task Force.

“The BC Mining HR Task Force fundamentally supported this pilot TV mini-series because BC is hitting a critical labor shortage with the aging demographic (40% of our industry is 50 years+), additionally our industry will need over 10,000 new recruits by 2021,” explains Dave Bazowski. “It is important that British Columbians are provided the opportunity to explore the many career opportunities our industry provides throughout BC.”

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