Twelve-year-old critic of Canada’s banking system goes viral

The latest rant against Canada’s federal government’s borrowing practices has gone viral and not because it comes from a well-known economist, but because it is exposed by a well articulated and not camera-shy 12-year-old girl.

The You Tube video, which features Victoria Grant’s lecture at the Public Banking in America Conference in Philadelphia, has attracted over 83,000 views since it was posted a week ago.

For six minutes, Grant argues taxpayers are being ripped off by a government that borrows money from private financial institutions instead of directly from the Bank of Canada.

Comments to her video abound: “Good for you Victoria, if you even understand half of what you are saying, you are doing better than half the Canadian public,” wrote a YouTube user nicknamed MrEvilsun. “I have for years tried to explain this very simple fact to people around me, and they think I am crazy. Maybe if they saw it from a 12 yr old they would be shamed into paying attention.”

“What an inspiration Victoria Grant is,” wrote another user “I’m ashamed to say that at 12 I was clueless, particularly in the arena of politics and banking. Way to go Victoria!! I’m guessing her parents have something to do with her education regarding local and world events. Bravo to them as well.”

Grant’s YouTube videos, posted by her father, have also made headlines at U.S.-based financial media outlet Bloomberg.

Watch the video here:

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