VIDEO: Cleveland Potash demolishes 50-meter tower

A UK potash mine has completed the destruction of its 50-meter, 2,700-tonne rockshaft tower – a major feature of the Boulby site for over 40 years.

Cleveland potash demolished the tower as part of a multi-million dollar renovation project which is expected to extend the mine’s life by decades and increase production “significantly.”

One lucky onlooker caught the tower as it came tumbling down. See the video here:

“The old tower was one of the first structures to be built when work began at Boulby in 1969,” said Phil Baines, general manager in a statement. “The operation to install its replacement has been a highly complex undertaking.”

The Boulby mine – the country’s only potash producer – supplies up to 65% of the UK’s potash consumption. One thousand people work on the site which looks over the North Yorkshire Moors on England’s northeast coast.

Creative Commons image by: Paul Tomlin

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