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Watch: JDS Mining CEO says inclusiveness is key to success

Jeff Stibbard helping build the Minto mine barge on the bank of Yukon River in 2007. Credit: JDS Energy & Mining.

Full-service engineering contractor JDS Energy & Mining has developed a unique people-first approach to finding lasting solutions to industry challenges, founder and CEO Jeff Stibbard told The Northern Miner in a recent video interview. (Watch the video here).

Vancouver-based JDS specializes in providing turnkey solutions that take mining and construction projects from early conceptual visions to fully operational businesses. “Bring us your mining start-up and resource development challenges. We’ll take them on and deliver on time, on budget, and without harm,” Stibbard said.

What sets JDS apart from the competition is its commitment to inclusiveness as a trusted business partner of local Indigenous communities. The company “works with First Nations as direct equity participants at the initial stage, creating advocates rather than intervenors,” Stibbard said.

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