A hard hat that does much more than just protecting a worker’s head

eHat1An Australian startup is launching a hard hat that does much more than just protecting a worker’s head — it literally can warn someone of an imminent danger and suggests solutions to problems.

Called eHat, the innovation is a great safety tool, that improves communications and improves efficiencies whilst is also a great way to transfer knowledge to anyone working in a remote location.

The eHat system is a brand new way of quickly and efficiently transferring knowledge to anyone working in an external industrial site. In the future all companies with field-employed staff will rely on the eHat system to improve productivity and lower their training costs. The eHat system revolves around a video/audio streaming hardhat, which is connected via a smartphone back to a central location, either a site office or a head office in another state or country.

The user of the eHat can make conference calls to the company’s own experts or trainers or to our eHatsystems network team of experts and trainers.

The eHat System comprises a smart hat which has several unique features. It’s a safety hat with a high definition video camera, microphone and headset and some smart software that allows it to communicate over WiFi to an approved Smartphone back to your subject matter specialist.eHat2Early Adopters.

We expect our early adopters will be mining companies. Pit geologists, engineers, process staff, surveyors, etc could wear the hats whilst they go about their daily activities and when they need to communicate or receive input from others whilst in the field they can easily turn the hat on to communicate.

I have personally been involved with developing mines overseas. Imagine if I was wearing my eHat during my day in the field, senior management a continent away could watch the eHat transmissions to gauge progress Live as it happens on site. Specialists such as engineers and metallurgists could watch on to see I am completing my tasks properly or providing advice, live.

The eHat will improve efficiencies by meaning field employees can get direct feedback to problems. eHat can also represent huge savings, meaning senior managers don’t need to visit remote sites as often as they are receiving live feeds of site activities.