BBF Safety Group Announces Acquisition of Quality Safety

BBF Safety Group today announced its acquisition of Quality Safety, a local manufacturer of personal and general protective equipment (PPE).

Through the acquisition, BBF Safety Group is now able to offers its customers a broad portfolio of quality workplace safety products, providing head-to-toe protection for wearers across multiple industries, ranging from agriculture to mining and construction.

The acquisition of Quality Safety follows BBF Safety Group’s July 2017 announcement that it acquired the operations of Pinnacle OSH Holdings, a provider of workplace safety advisory, consulting and training services.

“Our transformation from a leading safety footwear manufacturer to a workplace safety solutions provider has received a significant boost with the acquisition of Quality Safety. With an extensive PPE product portfolio and access to a range of advisory services, customers can now look to BBF Safety Group as a full provider of workplace safety solutions,” says Wolfgang Beier, Executive Chairman, BBF Safety Group.

The effective date of the acquisition is 1 November 2017 and is subject to standard regulatory approvals.

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