Breaking down the information silos at a mine

At Hexagon’s annual conference in Las Vegas, the company’s mining division is a relative newcomer, but they present a bold mission: to change the industry by using data to connect divisions within a mining operation.

“Mining today is very fragmented in silos, in departments,” says Hexagon Mining President Hélio Samora at HxGN LIVE held in June.

“So the information doesn’t flow easily between departments […] between people. Our main goal is to break those walls and make data and people and processes work better.”

Since its official launch earlier this year, Hexagon Mining has been hopping from one road show to another. This latest conference in Las Vegas is a milestone for the Hexagon group and an opportunity for the mining division to connect with its sister companies.

We had a chance to speak with Samora ahead of his keynote address at the Hexagon conference. He told us about some of the challenges of the past year and what the company hopes to achieve going forward.

We also had a chance to chat with Glenn Wylde, Hexagon Mining’s Chief Innovation Officer. Wylde told us about how the company identified the need to merge information technology operational technology, and how they’re trying to achieve that.

“A lot of people are talking about it but we’ve decided to actually do it,” he says.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Wylde also told us how he plans on keeping up with the latest technologies in the industry.