Demand for ROI from Miners Propels Immersive Technologies’ Business

Immersive Technologies works closely with mining operations and equipment manufacturers to solve real mining industry problems in areas of safety, productivity, reactive maintenance and the availability of skilled equipment operators. This approach has allowed Immersive Technologies to consistently deploy solutions that deliver Real Results, while accumulating an extensive catalogue of quantified business improvements achieved by their global mining customers.

The procurement process for capital investments at mines is under more scrutiny than ever before, with return on investment (ROI) being thoroughly examined. Mining companies are challenging suppliers to ensure they deliver the results they claim. In mining equipment operator training, Immersive Technologies has been vocal about their solutions delivering substantial in-field improvements in areas including tire life,  unscheduled maintenance, spot times and fuel consumption. Recently, Immersive Technologies released details stating customer demand for ROI together with the essential expertise and technology required to deliver this ROI, has driven growth in their services oriented activities which now account for 49% of their business.

“Our experience delivering comprehensive training programs to more than 200 major mines tells us that providing good on-site support in training program planning, design, and implementation is a critical element in delivering return on customer investment. Immersive has delivered thousands of man days of Training Systems Integration services, resulting in the most widely used and trusted curriculum in mine operator training,” says Bryant Mullaney, Professional Services Manager at Immersive Technologies.

As part of their trainer and management support services, Immersive Technologies uses their global teams to integrate solutions tailored to specific mine site needs, fast track trainer readiness and aid in establishing a training culture that understands how mining equipment simulator implementation affects important mine site metrics for safety, production and maintenance.

“With a growing number of simulation based training products available on the market, savvy miners are increasingly assessing the credentials of these tools for real value. We have the proof that our solutions consistently deliver improvements in tire life, unscheduled maintenance, fuel use, spot times and effective operator training.

“Mining operations expect quantified business outcomes for training investments and we have gradually perfected the science of consistently delivering real results. This expectation was clear when major miners and projects like Roy Hill and Codelco Gaby were recently in the market for training solutions and chose Immersive,” says David Anderson, Executive Vice President – Sales and Support at Immersive Technologies.

Peter Salfinger, CEO of Immersive Technologies added “The growth and success of our Professional Services business has allowed us to achieve three important objectives for our customers. Firstly, we can ensure our customers implement our technologies in a manner consistent with maximising their ROI. Secondly, we’re closely engaged with our customers on site to understand their needs and channel this knowledge into our scheduled product upgrades, further increasing our customer’s ROI. Thirdly, our Professional Services business has made us highly robust against the inevitable capital investment cycle in mining ensuring we will continue to focus on mining and support our customers over the long term.”


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