Dyno Nobel launches EZshot®, the newest addition to its electronic initiation portfolio

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Dyno Nobel, a global leader in commercial explosives, is launching its newest product, EZshot®. This exciting technology offers users the benefits of accurate electronic timing with the ease of use of NONEL shock tube. The EZshot detonator series is an exclusive design for underground perimeter blasting. This system gives the customer the ability to use electronic timing for improved perimeter control, helping them to save on time and overall production costs. With the same J-Hook hookup as NONEL, EZshot does not require new training, allowing the customer to quickly move forward on all projects. 

This electronic detonator, EZshot LP, has a high-strength detonator in a heavy-walled copper shell with an electronic circuit board timing chip providing precision and accuracy. The smart chip technology in the detonator delivers the timing needed that cannot be reached with traditional non-electric detonators. EZshot comes in factory programmed delay times, ranging from 1100 to 8000 milliseconds. The long-period delay timing is ideal for underground perimeter blasting.

Robust and durable, the EZshot LP shock tube is identical in design to the trusted and familiar NONEL LP shock tube that Dyno Nobel has been producing since the 1970s, but with a new and vibrant color. This reliable design has stood the test of time, and blasters will be familiar with the J-Hook connection, virtually eliminating additional training. EZshot LP takes advantage of the shock tube system allowing wireless communication from initiation to detonation.

C0008 _EZshot tube

EZshot LP has the potential to lower overall production costs with its better control, precision and accuracy, and familiar system. EZshot reduces overbreak, improves wall stability, minimizes scaling, and requires less time to be spent on mucking, hauling, and processing. It also features the accuracy of electronic detonators, which helps improve perimeter control and offers programmed delay times. With a shock tube that is made from a process that provides a higher tensile strength, better abrasion resistance, better impact resistance and better oil resistance than the standard shock tube, EZshot eliminates new training and comforts users with its similarity to NONEL. EZshot combines the best of both worlds.

About Dyno Nobel:

Dyno Nobel is a subsidiary of Incitec Pivot Limited ABN 42 004 080 264 (ASX:IPL). Dyno Nobel has customers in the mining, quarry, construction, pipeline and geophysical exploration industries. The company operates in Australia, Canada, the United States, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, South America, Papua New Guinea and Turkey. Dyno Nobel manufactures a full line of commercial explosives, including ammonium nitrate, bulk explosives, packaged emulsions, dynamite, detonators (electric, nonelectric and electronic), cast boosters, and detonating cord, as well as surface and underground loading systems and Portable Modular Emulsion Plants. The company also offers services, including blast design, shot loading, shot service, vibration control, airblast, flyrock and NOx reduction, through DynoConsult, a specialist consulting division of Dyno Nobel. Please visit www.dynonobel.com for more information.