Gekko Mining Services firm planning gold mine of the future

Imagine a gold mine producing finished gold bars instead of tons of rock that must be transported, processed and then dumped. That’s Gekko Systems’ vision.

With its head office in the Victorian gold-rush city of Ballarat, Gekko is an award-winning company specialising in designing and manufacturing low-energy, low-footprint modular gold processing plants.

Incorporating hi-tech equipment and software, the company’s plants deliver low production costs, safer environments and are environmentally friendly.

Gekko CEO Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, says the energy-efficient mining techniques used in their processing plants will, ultimately, promote greater outcomes for the entire mining industry.

The Python, one of Gekko’s award-winning modular plants, utilises energy-efficient comminution, gravity separation, and flotation processes to concentrate ore down to 10-30% of the original mass.

“One day it will be just a gold bar that comes up from underground,’’ said Ms Lewis-Gray.

With one of the fastest ‘purchase to production’ turnarounds in the industry, the Python also allows miners to fast-track a project through the manufacturing, installation and commissioning process and be up and running in minimal time.

Contributing to over 6 per cent of Australia’s GDP, the METS sector employs almost twice as many Australians as the mining industry and is one of nation’s largest export sectors.

Ranging from cutting edge machinery manufacturers to engineering consultancies, Victoria’s share of the sector is significant, and it has the highest number of METS companies exporting of any state.

Victoria is also a leader in mining resources financing, capital raising, METS start-ups, METS venture capital, education, research and development.

With offices on several continents, Gekko head office remains in the regional Victoria town of Ballarat. The company is a prime example of how Victoria’s proud regional centres, including the Latrobe Valley, Bendigo and Geelong, are contributing the global mining industry.

IMARC is an opportunity for global companies to connect with innovative Victorian mining and METS businesses working throughout the state in.