IIDGR announces four new diamond grading partnerships in Asia

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), part of De Beers Group, has established four new diamond grading partnerships with leading diamond jewellery retailers in Thailand, Vietnam and China.

The partnerships, with Aurora Diamond in Thailand, DOJI Group in Vietnam and Chow Tai Seng and CHJ in China, reflect the rapidly growing demand from Asian jewellers for grading reports that provide their customers with a highly accurate and reliable assessment of diamond characteristics.

The Aurora Diamond and DOJI Group partnerships represent IIDGR’s first grading partnerships in Thailand and Vietnam respectively, with the Chow Tai Seng and CHJ partnerships further extending its presence in mainland China.

The partnerships will see IIDGR diamond grading reports provided for the following diamond jewellery collections for each retailer:

  • Aurora Diamond, Thailand – the Ultimate Love Collection. Each grading report will have a tailored Aurora-branded cover.
  • DOJI Group, Vietnam – the Wedding Land brand, proprietary Infinity Love line of diamonds carrying 99 facets, and the 10 Hearts & Arrows diamonds in its Diamond House brand.
  • Chow Tai Seng, China – the proprietary Love 100 brand. Each Love 100 diamond will be inscribed with both the Chow Tai Seng logo and a unique identification number from IIDGR.
  • CHJ, China – the Cupid Solitaire brand of diamonds with eight Hearts & Arrows will have co-branded diamond grading reports. Each diamond will bear the inscription of both the CHJ Cupid Solitaire logo and a unique IIDGR identification number.

The new partnerships add to the diamond grading partnerships IIDGR has already announced this year with retailers in Asia, which include Soo Kee Group in Singapore and China, Lukfook Jewellery in Hong Kong and Macau, and I-PRIMO in Japan.

Jonathan Kendall, President, IIDGR, said: “We are experiencing rapid growth in demand for IIDGR’s diamond grading reports from retailers in Asia, who recognise the added competitive advantage that our accurate and consistent diamond grading reports provide. This, in turn, gives customers the highest levels of assurance in the quality and authenticity of the diamonds they purchase.

“Our ability to offer tailored grading reports to our partners, whether that be through co-branding or bespoke designs, combined with our highly precise grading services and more than 120 years of De Beers Group’s diamond expertise, has been extremely well-received by both retailers and consumers alike.”

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