Ledcor US Civil and Mining invests in employees using tech-based training

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Based in Reno, Nevada, Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining services reach across the lifespan of a mine, from facility construction to full-scale contract mining of coal, minerals, or metals, as well as mine reclamation and a wide variety of heavy civil activities. With vast long-term projects in multiple locations across Nevada and into California, the team is continuously growing along with the training programs. 

At Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining, all new and existing employees participate in a diverse range of career training and development which includes field, classroom, computer-based and simulator training. The importance of educating the workforce ensures that not only do the mines run smoothly, efficiently, and safely but developing the team and ensuring they grow within the company. 

From haulage to drilling and blasting the team of six Mine trainers support all aspects of site duties, training over 300 Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining employees in a year. Collaboratively, these individuals make up a diverse team and have over 130 years of mining and heavy equipment experience combined. Their experience ranges from construction sized equipment and tasks to mining machines. 

Meet a few of the Mine Trainers behind Ledcor’s US Heavy Civil and Mining training and development programs: 

Leading the team of trainers is Jerry, Training Manager, who leads the development of the Operator and Supervisor education. Jerry brings over 36 years of experience in mining and production management. “Our group of trainers have experience not only in operations but leading people. They drive safety through their real-world experience with a mindset of educating the workforce,” says Jerry, Training Manager.

Shane, Mine Trainer, started his career in the mining industry as a Heavy Equipment Operator working his way up to a Superintendent and Project Manager. At Ledcor, he leads the Competent assessor duties and creates competent assessors for projects across Nevada and into California. 

Competent assessors are employees that have been trained to correctly assess the operators and provide skill enhancements based off the findings of the assessment structure which is held to high documentation standards. “It is our goal to make sure all employees are trained and understand everything about the equipment in order to operate it safely and efficiently,” says Shane. 

Shelly, Mine Trainer began her mining journey as a truck driver operating 240–400 ton trucks and became a well-respected Operations dispatch professional, leading large surface production crews. At Ledcor, she leads the training of the simulators and is proficient with major dispatch systems such as Jigsaw, Modular Mining and Caterpillars Minstar systems for the mining sector. “

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The simulators include Haul Truck and Wheel Loader training that cannot be done in work areas. This includes truck fire reactions, tire blowout, slick road reaction and control, to loss of brakes and steering. The simulators also provide basic training of equipment that include brake and steering tests, backing to crusher pockets, dumping at berms, proper gear and brake use and control familiarization.

 “Our training program allows us to strengthen the skills that each employee needs to learn or improve upon. Providing the necessary training creates an overall knowledgeable workforce. Working as a team within all departments to achieve the common goal is one of the many rewards as a trainer,” says Shelley.

Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining also invests in training assets to help employees grow, one of which is computer-based training modules that cover twenty-one topics ranging from pre-use inspection, construction equipment to mining equipment. “We are in a world of creating and developing the workforce. We find that educating our team prior to arriving on site will realize a safer more value driven group of teammates.” says Jerry, Training Manager

Currently, Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining is developing a Heavy Equipment training school scheduled to open in 2022. This school will provide machine safety and basic operation as an avenue to develop current employees and recruit people who are interested in a career in mining. Manufacturers and other companies have expressed a great interest in this endeavor and are willing to participate in this concept we are currently calling Ledcor Academy.

Looking to develop and grow a career in mining? Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining is anticipating another year of growth and is looking for hard-working, dedicated people that have a strong commitment to safety to join the team. Opportunities range from Technical roles, Managers to Operators. 

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