Nova Scotia touts critical metals assets waiting for investors

Aureus East gold project in Nova Scotia. (Courtesy: Aurelius Minerals).

The Mining Association of Nova Scotia (MANS) will be holding the Nova Scotia Precious and Critical Minerals Show on November 14-15, 2022.

“Nova Scotia has many exciting exploration projects in the precious and critical minerals space, including many that are essential to batteries and other green technologies,” said Sean Kirby, executive director of MANS.  “The Nova Scotia Precious and Critical Minerals Show will be an opportunity for investors and exploration and mining companies to learn about our potential for these important materials. It is widely known that Nova Scotia is in the middle of a gold rush, but we also have great potential for critical minerals like lithium, copper, tin and tungsten.”

The conference will be held the mornings of Monday and Tuesday, November 14-15 via Zoom, making it easy for industry and government representatives to participate from anywhere in the world. 

“Nova Scotia has been a mining jurisdiction for centuries,” said Kirby. “Our modern mining industry is environmentally-responsible, safe and has great infrastructure with roads, power and tidewater throughout the province,” said Kirby, “We have exciting geology and we want the jobs and investment mining brings.”

Speakers will discuss early and late-stage exploration projects and the province’s geology for precious and critical minerals.

Attendance is free.


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