RPM to speak on Enterprise mine planning platforms at events in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (August 16, 2013) – Mike Evans, RungePincockMinarco’s (RPM) Regional General Manager for Europe, Middle East, India and Africa is set to present at two events in South Africa.

Mr. Evans said, “I’m looking forward to personally addressing enterprise mine planning with the technical audiences at the SAP Russian and African Mining Forum and Mine Planning South Africa forums.”

“At these two conferences, I’ll be delivering a series of presentations focused on how projects can make better economic mining decisions and improve their operations through uptake of Enterprise Financial Modelling (EFM) and Operational Performance Management (OPM) tools when paired with their ERP.

“These tools can provide visibility, control and confidence to miners in challenging times and to better understand the key cost drivers that affect operations.”

Mr. Evans continued, saying, “These events are strongly aligned with our areas of expertise. As a SAP endorsed partner and with successful operations in both Africa and Russia, we’re exceptionally well placed to share our thought leadership with the audiences of these internationally-recognised events.”

“Speaking at these events, I’m personally looking forward to sharing the consolidated expertise from RPM’s 40-plus years as a global leader in the industry.

“RPM has seen the booms and busts of multiple cycles come and go, giving us an unrivalled perspective on what is happening now, what will happen next and how mining operations need to position themselves in the current operating environment to be successful when commodity prices improve.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our experience and discussing how a mine can reduce the impacts of mining’s inherent dynamicity and uncertainty with both EFM and OPM enterprise solutions going forward.”

Mr. Evans will be speaking at the SAP Russian and South African Mining Forum, held 19-22 August 2013 and Mine Planning South Africa conference, held 16-18 September 2013. Both events take place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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