Shelter Stations’ range of container shelters designed to protect expensive mining equipment

MINING and mineral exploration in Australia typically occurs in remote areas defined by extreme environmental conditions. Shelter Stations’ range of container shelters and free-standing portable, relocatable storage units were designed to decrease not only workers exposure to the elements but also expensive mining equipment exposure.

The company’s fully galvanised container shelter range includes designs in a variety of widths and heights suitable for assembly on either 20 foot or 40 foot standard shipping containers.  The very popular 12m width model is fabricated with a fully galvanised truss framed structure, a substantial step-up in quality from the cheaper single tube frames used by other companies, and unique to Shelter Station.  This model has quickly become a favourite with customers, with its strength and stability recognized and admired.

The portal frames sit on galvanised base plates that are simply welded to the top of the shipping containers.  The opportunities for temporary workshops, storage sheds or covered outdoor work areas are endless.

Shelter Stations’ covers are the heaviest in the sector, made from 610grm PVC which is strong, durable and boasts the highest possible UV protection. The material can withstand the rigours of rough treatment during relocation, and the covers are tensioned using a unique ratchet system that further increases their strength and stability.

All of the company’s shelters are provided to customers flat packed in strong steel crates, which not only makes freight easier, but can be reused to easily relocate the shelters to multiple sites.

Dealing with Shelter Station, you are dealing with a company that has been in business in excess of 15 years.  Shelter Station offers full back up for their products and a full range of optional extra’s. and replacement parts and covers.

Shelter Station has Australian distribution warehouses in Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide, as well as a New Zealand warehouse in Auckland.  The company manufactures in volume – ensuring most models are readily available from its warehouses – and shelters can be dispatched to customers within days.   Shelter Station products have been sent to customers worldwide, including those in England, Europe, South Africa, South America, all over the Pacific, and Papua New Guinea.

Shelter Station Australia Pty Ltd, email:  [email protected], free phone, nationwide: 1800199060 (Australia), 0800RAINGING (New Zealand), +61 7 55646540 (All other international).