The 5 next big oil and gas trends

The five next big oil and gas trends

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These 5 trends are where the industry is putting its money right now and in their latest sector intelligence report Analysts look at the trends and innovations that could make early investors huge returns.

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They look at the following trends in detail:

  • Trend #1 The Super Boom in Subsea Infrastructure. The Oil & Gas industry is increasing investment FIVE TIMES over from $27 billion a year to $130 billion a year on new unseen infrastructure.
  • #2 The Boom in Oil Production technology that is TRIPLING the value of existing wells:  It’s an investor’s dream-come-true because it’s the equivalent of re-discovering every known oil-field TWICE OVER.
  • #3 The Boom in Hyper Oil & Gas Hunting. New technology discovers oil & gas fields FIFTEEN TIMES FASTER than earlier methods. This tech is sweeping through the industry like wild-fire as explorers race to find new fields first… but the tech is where investors will make the biggest returns, the fastest.
  • #4 The $200 Billion Boom in Specialized Engineering Firms: A pipeline of $10 billion plus projects easily totaling over $200 billion will likely make these engineering firms – and their investors – rich.
  • #5 The Multi-Billion Dollar Shale Revolution Goes Global.

In this breakthrough presentation they share details on the 5 biggest energy trends investors should know about right now.

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Why are investors so excited about these trends? Because other recent energy trends opened the door for early investors to make as much as….

  • 1,157.63% gains from the bull market in solar – enough to turn a $20k investment into $178,000…
  • 1,689.94% gains from the bull market in oil tankers – enough to turn every $20k invested into $357,988…
  • 2,431.745% gains from the bull market in North American on-shore drill rigs – enough to turn every $20k invested into $506,350…

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