Valtorc International Introduces New Interactive Website Launch

Valtorc International is pleased to announce the release of the new and improved website to provide consumers with a more custom and interactive experience for their valve needs for 2014 and beyond.

The launch of the new website, which offers quick and easy access for our customers, is part of our company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability our products to our customers worldwide.  The website boasts a modern, colorful, and clean design with each page providing detailed information on individual products.  Unlike many other sites that compact as many items into one page as possible, Valtorc went the opposite direction to allow each product to have enough room and resources to display for the customer and website visitor.  No detail was overlooked.

“It is time to take our web presence to the next level,” said A J Bental, President of Valtorc International, “This site reflects the thinking and efforts of the Valtorc Team, as well as our commitment to making our products easily accessible to the consumer.”

Enhancements to the web site include: Improved navigation – lets visitors find the information they need to learn more about our products.  A much cleaner user interface – allows the visitor to easily navigate information. New features – an improved functionality with social networking page links to all of our online presences.

In addition, Valtorc International has also released an interactive resources section that allows contractors and customers to review valve documents, how-to’s, commonly asked questions and videos of installation and performance of valves – a leading leap in the valve online industry.  The biggest update has been to the search feature.  We have spent countless hours testing and reviewing the search system in order to help customers find what they need, in as little steps as possible.